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      RATO Finance Swearing for “Five-year Reform Target”

      On August 27, RATO Financial System held the Half-year Working Meeting and Deepening Reform Swearing Ceremony. The Group’s President---Zhu Liedong, leaders of each industrial company and all the RATO accountants attended the Meeting.

      On this Meeting, first of all, Chief Financial Officer of RATO Holding---Mr. Zhao Yulu made a report about Focusing on Target, Advocating for Change, Agglomerating Mental Efforts, Realizing Value, and Making Efforts to Create China’s First-class Financial Management Team---“Guiding Opinions on Deepening Group’s Financial Reform” and General Working Idea for Financial Targets in Future Five Years. In the report, he put forward overall thinking of “Deepening Financial Reform, Realizing Value Management Transformation, and Striving for Creation of China’s First-class Financial Management Enterprise and Financial Management Team in Future Five Years Since 2016”, introduced detailed measures for deepening the Group’s financial reform, and defined the work deployment taking “Centering on One Financial Target, Seizing Two Working Base Points, Promoting Three Method Innovations, Intensifying Four Key Managements, and Achieving Five Key Groundworks” as reform emphasis for implementation of five-year targets. Later, financial officer of each industry sector centered on financial deepening reform and vigorously promoted the implementation of target to retrospect the work in the first half year with plan, measures, passion and action from professional angle, and put forward detailed deepening reform transformation work promotion plan for the second half year in combination with actual situation of each industry. Finally, some accountants shared the inspiration in reading, studying, reinventing oneself, advocating for change, practicing transformation and playing role in the relaxed atmosphere. The accounts attending the sharing heartily showed new appearance of RATO accountants, fully represented and embodied that RATO Finance is a motivated team full of passion, vigor and positive energy, and certified that RATO financial team can not only keep accounts and cast accounts, but also improve accounting and control method to manage accounts well through continuous learning and progress so as to achieve financial transformation from “Basic Accounting” to “Value Management”.

       On the Meeting, President Zhu Liedong shared his entrepreneurial process started from the age of 15. He told that a person should have ideals and aspirations, life dream and the spirit of study hard and diligent study for realizing his target. A person can achieve his target and show the pursuit and persistence in the blood by constantly strengthening himself, working hard and perseveringly, overcoming difficulties with his own tenacity and daring spirit, adding strength to himself continually and unswervingly, and curing his dream.

      The Meeting ended during warm swearing declaration and active feedback of all the participants. This is the beginning of five-year swearing of RATO Finance, and will certainly become an indelible memory in the history of RATO Finance! 

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