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      Successfully Holding RATO Auditorium Phase II “Entering Huawei”

      As a famous communication technology company taking production and sales of communication equipment as main business, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. rapidly becomes the world’s first-class Chinese enterprise due to its concentration in electronic information field for twenty years, constant technology and management innovation. “Innovation” and “Concentration” happen to have the same view with key words in core values of RATO Group, and just the  internal impetus for survival and development of RATO for several years. An excellent enterprise must have excellent culture and gene. For feeling Huawei culture in depth and interpreting excellent gene, President of RATO Group---Mr. Zhu led the leaders of each company and superintendents of business division, namely a group of 15, went to Huawei for learning journey on May 12 and May 13.

      As a technology company with pioneering history for more than twenty years and located in (Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, Huawei develops rapidly and is full of mysterious legends like its initiator. The legends were unveiled one by one during visit and exchange for one and a half days. The first stop was the enterprise exhibition hall of Huawei. All technical solutions customized for the enterprise were displayed here, including agile center network, modularized data center, big data storage, and so on. Huawei is ahead of the front end and leads the trend of future communication technology from come-from-behind 4G to future 5G end-to-end solution, and from brilliance of C&C08 switch to the world’s Top 1 shipments of NGN through continuous technological innovation. Under the leadership of commentator, we viewed mobile office, communication emergency rescue, the world’s first eLTE broadband clustering solution and other world’s leading equipment and technology, and exchange with Huawei employees in the aspects of Huawei container data center, switch, VR virtual reality. The science and technology power of Huawei has changed our communication and life in the past, and future change will start from here.

      Huawei operator exhibition hall displayed the most advanced research and development achievements of Huawei. The displayed products involved in mobile, broadband, IP, optical network, value added service and terminal, and could be described as concentrated display of all Huawei products and technologies. The more beautiful and convenient design of various base stations was integrated into very small module and even street lamp, but the radiation distance increased greatly. Video meeting terminal, clear and high-speed network transmission achieved complete synchronization of picture, as if faraway people sat at the same table to realize face-to-face exchange and communication.

      In Huawei, we can not miss Huawei University. The building similar to the teaching building of a university can be divided into tens of training rooms, negotiating rooms and open communication space with different size. It can accommodate more than 2,000 customers and employees for training. Huawei University is not only the training base of Huawei talents, but also the power for reform of enterprise, an important part for development strategy of Huawei.

      In the afternoon, Vice President of Huawei---Mr. Su Wei shared the theme “Growth Road of Huawei” in communication and discussion link. Mr. Su recalled the origin of thought of Ren Zhengfei. He said that distribute-fund, modesty, integrity, concentration, study and culture are the key words for growth of Huawei. For several years, Ren Zhengfei insisted on reading one book in two days. Ren Zhengfei realized the strategy for enterprise management and competition through reading and thinking. In electronic information industry, an enterprise should lead or die out, and has no third road. Mr. Su emphasized that hard struggle is the soul of Huawei culture. Like the whole Chinese nation, we are far behind. How do we come up from behind, if we do not struggle? The root of Huawei surpassing competitors is “Customer-oriented, Striver-rooted and Long-term Hard Struggle”. The reason why Huawei can realize consecutive growth for many years, grow big from being small, and become the bellwether of the world’s communication industry is that Huawei has imported mature western management system, gradually achieved its own management philosophy, established the management framework of value creation, value evaluation and value distribution, and set up correct values---customer-oriented, hard struggle and sustainable improvement, persistence in performance assessment, and survival of the fittest. Centering on the management framework, Huawei implements far-flung reform journey of processed organization and construction.

      Besides, visitors made communication and exchanges with Huawei’s technical experts in the aspects of cloud services, big data, network security and video conference. We have profoundly felt the customer-oriented design concept and service spirit of Huawei products.

      After technical exchange, the visitors talked about the visit feelings and harvests through what they have seen and heard and in combination with their own work, and expressed that the visit was of great significance on thought and study one after another. President Mr. Zhu pointed out that current market competition was increasingly fierce. RATO Group can improve the industry competitiveness only by means of reform. The Company should open mind, welcome and embrace reform, sustain technical innovation and management innovation to achieve “One Meter Wide and Ten Thousand Meter Deep” and create the “Spirit of Craftsman” of RATO to improve the industry competitiveness constantly. We can learn from the excellent Huawei, study excellent culture and mechanism behind of “Customer-oriented, Striver-rooted and Long-term Hard Struggle” to refine RATO culture gene, build the development mechanism, expand the development space and boost RATO business to a new stage.

      Some excerpts after visit are shown as follows:

       “Struggle” is from the crisis immersed in marrow! The consensus of Huawei from top to bottom is that Huawei will collapse in a day (this is natural law), and the crisis may be in tomorrow! Now, Huawei people have no choice, but do customer-oriented, sustainable struggle!

      Reflection on this study: 1. We must unify our thinking. All the members of preparation team and ourselves must realize that the reform of RATO is imperative! Every person can not become the obstructer of the reform! However, we must deeply think how to make self-criticism and how to keep learning to keep up with the reform pace of RATO. 2. Regarding action, we must focus on customer demands to do well specific product planning, and firmly grasp each day to achieve tangible results.

      Intelligent Project Team   Li Zhong

      Maximum experience: Strong sense of crisis. We can struggle and learn constantly due to it!

      Future plan: Look at the industry and the era, find the gap, and shorten the gap with industry benchmark through learning and team struggle.

      Raywin Powertrain   Su Wei

      I appreciate the Group to arrange visit and study, so that I have an intuitive understanding of Huawei. To my greatest inspiration, Huawei has the awareness of unexpected development. The leader of China’s and even the world’s advanced enterprise has such strong awareness of unexpected development, which is also the basis for the enterprise’s development and progress. “Survival” is the minimum target and maximum target of Huawei. In addition, the learning spirit and ability of Huawei inspire me.

      RATO Power Manufacturing   Wang Chungu

      The maximum enlightenment to me is that the whole team must have clear long-term target and near-term target, and must center on the target to struggle and work hard for a long time. We should do for future work: ① we must read more books, and create the atmosphere of reading and study in the whole management team so as to improve the learning ability of the whole team. ② we should evaluate the work performance of the team and perfect relevant reward and punishment system; and strengthen rookie reserve and cultivation of management personnel.

       RATO Industrial   Shu Yong

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